Synthetic Dreadlocks Information
Synthetic Dreads Synthetic Dreads

HEAD FULL OF SYNTH DREADS  requires, a couple inches of your natural hair and a bundle of  micro pinch braidable synthetic dreads...and, string of course.

Two or 3 inches can be plenty to anchor onto. I use a string secured, hand tied, micro pinch braid method and attach each individual synth dread to an appropriate amount of natural hair. The braid attachment is subtle and secure next to your scalp. The synthetic lock sets OVER the top of your EXISTING natural hair.


PRE-MADE skinny doubles curled in loose ringlets.
A skinny double contains the same amount of fiber as a single loop synth dread. The difference is that skinny doubles have two legs instead of 1 leg, so each leg is skinnier.They appear more delicate, and can more resemble "chunky" hair. Skinnies have lots of mobility and less gravity than single loop.If you want synth locks that more resemble a classic dreadlock in form and function, you might prefer single loop. If you want something more flouncy and airy, you might like skinny doubles more.

You can have straight, ringlets, waves, curls....I create textures with steam. Synthetic hair responds to "hot" then "cool" to freeze it into it's new shape, unlike your hair which will change shape with "wet" then "dry" or "heat" then "drop"...Synth hair has to completely cool into it's new shape in order to keep the desired shape. Saunas, Hot hot showers and baths..basically, hot heat and slow cooling will change the shape of your synth. Additionally, though synth will hold a texture for awhile, depending on the person, it will always eventually relax back to a wave or bend...So, if you like curls and waves, ask for a stringer curl than you intend, because your curl will relax.

At request, I can set your synth dreads in rods and steam them into rings and curls. It takes a good hour to do it post tightening, and I can't guarentee my steamer will always be polite... The good news is,steam burns are rarely disfiguring...I would know. There is a service charge for any kind of steaming work requested with maintenance.

Most wearers will experience better hair days with less effort! No need to shampoo, dry, style, product, gloss, back comb, iron…on and on and on…..Speaking from experience, you get up, your hair looks amazing and you start your day…to change it up, you tie some knots here, you place a twist there…incorporate hair sticks and clip on do dads…pig tails, pony tails…finally interesting!.WOW! Your hair can finally sport knick knacks without out falling over and sliding apart..Add on wired pendants, beads, clamps, crimps….whatever makes you feel amazing…Others will watch with envy as you grab two sections and tie a simple knot to get your amazing mop of hair out of your face….if you don’t like attention, this would NOT be the style for you. Day to day you need NO product or maintenance.

Synthetic DreadsWEEK-TO-WEEK:

Make sure nothing is growing together or matting together. Consider shampooing once a week, try to have it dry before you sleep in it.


Make sure it isn't matting together by feeling the attachment sites with your fingers...and gently detangle any locks that might be getting a little too close for comfort.

On average, you may want these removed or tightenened after 2-3 months. If you form dread locks during that time, which can be the case for some hair types, I cannot comb those out.
You can wear the same synthetic dread indefinitely with regular maintenance with NO harm or compromise to your natural hair. This is a great way to grow out hair that has been in between lengths for some time or a great way to add volume and texture to perpetually flat hair. This is also a great way to begin natural dreads non invasively.

Synthetic Dreads - SiobhanYES, you can begin natural dreadlocks by starting with synthetic dreadlocks! IT is NOT predictable…IT is NOT concrete, IT is NOT fast…..IT is non invasive to the scalp and non corruptive to the hair fiber…. After your synth locks are in place you begin the process like any other synth dread wearer, separate once a month, keep them dry…etc…..The difference is that instead of removing after 8-16 weeks I would tighten the synth dread back up to the scalp without combing out the accrued shedding. The shed tangles with the hair attached to your scalp and forms a natural lock start over the course of 6 months give or take….After about 12 months of wear and maintenance you would have between 6 and 12 inches of new growth. The new growth would be locked into dreads quite firmly, and the tail ends would be loose and silky because they would have remained outside of the pinch braid during the locks’ formation. Tails should be left alone for a long time, as in years....When your natural dreads are mature and sturdy, you could cut off your tails if you wanted to.



We'll need to camoflage your natural hair since we can't remove your natural hair...THIS is extensions after all, not a wig. In addition to the natural hair being secured UNDER the extension, Color matching causes your natural hair to disappear inside of the new dramatic shape. You should include a good amount of synth that matched your current hair color, even if you want a good amount of punchy fun color too.


I don't offer it, but yes.... you can.... or you can hire a qualified professional to tint for you.... it can be a bit overwhelming a do it yourself job. Tint/ bleach/stain will not compromise the string or synth hair, however....some stains will attach to some light colored synth.


Heavy, Cumbersome, Itchy, hot, overwhelming, uncomfortable... I'm not including this for my health folks,  its for your edification. I have worn this style on many occassions for long periods of time, in many different climates...I LOVE the look and ease of styling...It is also alot of a good thing on your head. Some people don't find it uncomfortable in the least, When I've had full heads of extra long synth, I was only motivated by the sheer beauty of it. I disliked swimming/shampooing/laying my head on a pillow/ my heavy head...heat... summer was grueling at times. Working out wasn't as comfortable...or maybe the extra weight encouraged me to build more muscle * I hope my audience has a sense of humor and speaks sarcasm.* In short.... I love this style, I think there are alot of reasons to choose this style....I am certain my method provides the most comfort for wearing synth dreads....I know that daily styling is more fun and so easy, but it is a costly thing to do. I really dont want to provide this to someone who is going to miserable with the results  because making you miserable is not my goal... Making you super stoked on your hair, is my goal.... Please consider all angles carefully and decide if you are up for it. Sometimes, A fill out can produce ample fun while striking the balance for fun versus drama....We're all a little different that way.

Most of the waiver info is in the waiver signage section on this site, along with securing appointments, and credit cards, and such. You will be required to sign a waiver that you understand what you are doing before you receive this service. If you aren’t 18, someone that is 18 or older and is a legal guardian needs to sign it. SO, do your homework and be an informed consumer!