Dread Perm Information
Dread Perm - front view Dread Perm - back view

Dollylocks organic locking system has replaced the old fashioned "dread perm".  The process will still involve a comb, perm rods, end papers, and AT LEAST 6 inches of your natural hair to form natural dreadlocks. I also prefer to string tie each base to assure that shed collection is consistant from inception. The organic locking system involves specifically designed, gentle solutions that re-form your natural hair's structure. After trying diverse methods and solutions over several years I can confidently conclude, Dollylocks organic locking system is the most efficient and effective as well as pain free and attractive method for creating new natural locks


  • You must be able to tolerate perm rods in your head for a short duration as well as the locking solutions

  • All hair to be dreaded is at least 6 inches long. Any hair on your head, shorter than 6 inches will not likley hold a lock. Please be honest with me, and honest with yourself, this service will NOT work if you do not have the correct amount of length and I can’t stress it enough. I would prefer longer to shorter and do NOT get a haircut “just to trim the ends” right before your dread perm date

  • Bleached hair can absolutley be subject to the gentle solution I use. I can adjust the ph to accomodate all types of hair. That being said, if you have very tough, course hair at the roots and mids, with some previous bleach in mids or near ends, your locks overall are going to be smoother and tighter with a stronger solution....and subsequently your  bleached ends may become compromised...If this doesn't frighten you, then your bleached hair can be subject to the locking solution. I'm only stating the worst case scenario... it won't break beneath the scalp or even near the scalp. If any hair suffers chemical damage, it's going to be the oldest that has observed the most chemicals. Even if some of your ends do break off, it isn't going to compromise the long term establishment of your locks. A milder mixed solution will preserve damaged ends, but will do less to provide a firm tight anchor near the bases of the locks.

  • No Whining!!
  • You must be able to sit still for several hours in a studio as well as be rinsed in a salon sink. Dread lock creation in general is a longish process. Please evaluate yourself in the context of a potentially 4-8 hour process ( time varies with length and density). The locking kit I emply does NOT have an unpleasant oder and can be PH adjusted per the individual to  thoughtfully and professionally accomodate ALL types of  natural hair. YOU should have Snacks and water to be kept at hand to keep your blood sugar stable and hydration up. Books and iPods can also be helpful.****NO whining allowed!***

  • Keep your locks dry for around 4 days, give or take...maybe even a week if you have a dryer scalp, post lock creation. Your baby dreads need to harden. You can still shower; I even encourage daily showers…just put on a shower cap and keep your dreadies dry. After this initial hardening period, which I swear is NOT that painful, you  might  shampoo 1-3 times a week - it really depends on the individual..but, please...shampoo regularly...your scalp will thank you.
  • Many lock wearers WILL find regular professional maintenance  AS WELL AS some specific products necessary. Everyone will vary of course. Please factor in maintenance cost and product cost to assure the future of your locks. There won’t be an abundance of necessary items to purchase, or an excessive commitment to costly maintenance, but there will likely be some. Expect it, plan for it.
  • *see dread maintenance*  My F.A.Q page discusses dread maintenance. I maintain natural locks with string. Dreadlocks are mainly composed of the hair you shed, string keeps the hair you shed inside of the lock. The locking system is a method that allows your natural hair to "appear" like mature dreadlocks while real dread locks are forming. *Again* your dreadlocks are the result of shed hair that is trapped inside locks of natural hair. The String is the shed keeper.You will typically notice that after about 4 months and 2 inches of growth that there is perhaps 1/2 inch of hardened shed collected in the lock, In a year you might notice 6 or 7  inches of hardened shed combined with each lock of hair.. so on so forth....This  dreadlocking process really is a journey, but the locking system can make the beginnings of that journey alot more attractive.

  • You understand this process can NOT be UN done a short time after they administered. In at least 4 months, your hair will grow about 2 or 3 inches. If you wish you could cut the solution treated portion off and detangle the remaining few  inches. perhaps with patience and some conditioner. At that time, you may want to consider a pixie cut, a shaggy do, or maybe some micro pinch braided extensions. Most people LOVE their locks for quite some time, others try it and decide it's not for them. Isn't it grand our hair is a renewable resource?!? Have some fun with it.