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Fae Magazine Spring 2009

Fae Magazine Spring 2009This issue of Faeries and Enchantment magazine couldn’t have been a bigger surprise……….one day I’m doing this awesome shoot I spent 9 months putting together….3 models…..some 60 plus hours of extension, color, hairpiece, updo prep…..Pixie is a pro of pros, and the shoot was fruitful to boot……..a couple months later Pixie lets me know that this awesome U.K magazine is featuring her and using a plethora of her photos in a spread along with an interview…..She sends the shots that interested them and primarily they are from the shoot we did… - I mean it’s her awesome photography, but I was a part of it! This made the whole fairies theme I chose and all the hard work and hours suddenly pay off 10 fold. Done originally just for my marketing purposes, This shoot marks my first published work….and in the U.K !
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Cues & Tattoos 2009

Cues & Tattoos 2009I was just pleased as punch to be invited to teach at this event! ATS dance is so largely what influenced my direction in the cosmetology industry. If you haven’t experienced the wonder that is tribal belly dance, and think you might be interested in a wondermous experience, please email me for info on local teachers, events, costuming, shows…..and awesome festivals like Cues and Tattoos…..I would be delighted to tune you in to be turned on to this enigmatic world of beauty, entertainment, and community! Additionally, I am fortunate to be asked on occasion to teach a class on this or that……dread making, hair piece creation……..I love teaching and have various levels of education I can offer. Watch my site as I’ll surely post when I am invited to teach a class …..if you are interested in private classes …or groupe/troupe classes, I have options I can edify you on. Please let me know…the worst I’ll say is “I don’t wanna”…but I’ll say it sweetly with a smile…and perhaps direct you to another option.