About Dreadful Jonquil
Dreadful Jonquil

My name is Jonquil or Dreadful Jonquil. I am a  niche hair designer RECENTLY RELOCATED and currently living in Spokane Wa.
I have been licensed since 1993 and actively industry oriented since 1991. I began training at Huron Valley Beauty Academy in Ann Arbor Mi, during my junior year of high school. I worked on U of M's campus in downtown Ann Arbor at a shop called "Campus Barber and Beauty salon" till I made the big move to Seattle in 1997. I have studied advanced service methods for extensions, dreadlocks, and hair architecture under ALin Leslie at Dollylocks salon near Tampa Fla. and Melinda Hurt at Doctored Locks in Spokane Wa. * BOTH exquisite teachers!*


 I specialize in combining form with function in hair design. Although I am particularly inspired by myth, magic, and macabre, I am also very deft at developing amazing hair that can perform in an office setting as well as a festival or theatric event. I  strive to create hair that is as much of an eyeful as it is natural feeling and easy to care for.

My current professional focus includes natural dreadlocks, creation and maintenance AND hand tied hair extension application of both natural and synthetic hair.  I design comfortably placed, smooth seamless dreadlocks and believe wholeheartedly in my creation and maintenance protocols. I offer Micro pinchbraid application extensions to enhance integrity and interest of ones natural  hair...as well as dramatic new length over all..... I have spent many  years  cultivating an awareness to fine details, precision, mobility and comfort and  recognizing  an individual's unique ideas about themselves and the aesthetic they wish to convey.I am a hair design architect with a rich and diverse background and I have endless imagination when it comes to creating hair that compliments faeries, vampires, and aliens to name a few scenarios.

Contact Me if you might be interested in becoming a client
Please email me, AFTER, you read the content on my site. I am  happy to answer  or elaborate on  info of your  SPECIFIC questions pertaining to service, care, and maintenance  for the options I offer. Additionally, if you have questions about a particular image of hair I have created, I  can offer explanations of the service or services that were employed to produce that result.