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FierceLocks Inc is a one-woman show working to show your insides to the world!......but not literally your insides......just the pigments, textures, and shapes of your imagination, the image you see your hair.

I specialize in follicular drama and will take pleasure in braiding together a top noggin symphony that performs like colorful curling acrobats on your head - if you like that sort of thing. I don't just install a set of extensions, I create a head full of complimenting architecture for its wearer. I don't just dread hair....I create locks that behave sustainably and wear comfortably over the long haul.....cuts, colors, styles are all made, in the moment for the individual donning them.....if you have more specific queries, I implore you to check out my bio and photos......and if you should get a wild hair or think you might desire some, feel free to email me. Did I say thank you for visiting my site? ;)